LuggageGlove-LG2 MED 3-dial combo lock


The Luggage Glove is a South African invention designed to discourage theft of your belongings, damage to your luggage and easy identification of your suitcases when travelling. Neoprene rubber is cleverly used to stretch over almost every type of upright trolley or spinner and an adjustable fastening strap ensures your Glove fits snugly. There are 3 different locking mechanisms: LG3 (basic clip lock that you can use a small travel lock on), LG2 (a built-in 3-dial combination lock) and LG4 (a built-in 3-dial TSA combination lock).

Lock. Protect. Recognise.





- MEDIUM: fits most suitcases between 62cm and 70cm measured in vertical height.
- Built in 3-dial combination lock. Set your own code.
- Easy access: trolley handle, wheels and side carry handles used as originally intended.
- Neoprene siding: ensures a snug fit and allows your suitcase expansion function to still be used.
- Adjustable strap: bottom strap can be tightened to fit and hold the Luggage Glove in place securely.
- Name Tag: marking area for your name and contact details.
- Ripstop nylon to discourage theft and damage to your suitcase.
- Business card holder: additional information if required.
- Instruction manuals: how to fit and set your combination code.
- Different colours and print designs available when in stock.


- Ripstop nylon and neoprene rubber.
- Water repellent internal fabric with edge stitching
- Nylon belt fastening
- Lock


61 × 40 × 25 cm


0.7 kg

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